Complexity and approximation

Combinatorial optimization problems and their approximability propertieS

Introduction to the theory of complexity


Teoria della complessità computazionale


Problemi, algoritmi, coding

Le magie dell'informatica

Gocce di Java

Un'introduzione alla programmazione procedurale ed orientata agli oggetti

Strutture di dati e algoritmi

progettazione, analisi e programmazione


Recent software

World dynamics

The World Dynamics project aims to provide a modern framework to investigate integrated assessment models of sustainable development, based on current software engineering and scientific machine learning techniques. Our group is developing a Julia library to allow scientists to easily use and adapt different world models, from Meadows et al.'s World3 to recent proposals. By enabling an open, interdisciplinary, and consistent comparative approach to scientific model development, our goal is to inform global policy makers on environmental and economic issues. The Julia package is now public and the source code is available at the corresponding GitHub repository.

Conference miner

I have recently carried out a graph and data mining analysis of ICALP vis-a-vis other major conferences in theoretical computer science based on DBLP data. This work is summarized in this presentation: if you have any suggestions for expanding this analysis further, please do not hesitate to write to me. The software used to perform this analysis is available at the corresponding GitHub repository.


Graph mining


Ethics in Computer Science